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Dedicated to Providing Free Vet Care for the Working Animals of Upper Egypt


Animal Care in Egypt (ACE) is a British charity hospital dedicated to helping stop the suffering of thousands of animals in the poorest communities of Luxor by providing free veterinary care and education.

More about what we do:

Angel's Story

Angel was in a stable fire and also in a bad body condition.

Her owner took her away whilst she was still in the early stages of recovery and he sold her on. 

£25 can provide emergency treatment for an injured animal


Children come to the hospital and learn in the classroom but also get shown around the stables and get to see first-hand how we help animals and it is explained how to prevent their animal from suffering the same fate as those they see hospitalised.

We often see animals that are badly treated or left too long with their injury before seeing us. The owners frequently protest that they didn’t realise or that it doesn’t matter – it can’t feel it. 


We welcome vets, vet nurses and students. If you would like to volunteer for ACE, we provide accommodation onsite for overseas visitors. 

ACE is a fantastic charity and my time there was too fast! As a veterinary student I gained so much experience. It is a really friendly place and the vets were so experienced, you can’t fail to enjoy your time there and know that you are helping the animals of Luxor'


Egyptian Tales

Hear the latest about the animals in our care

Quarterly News

Latest from our organisation and sponsors

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