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An introduction to some of the people who are part of the ACE team and help to ensure that ACE continues its work for the animals.

Kim Taylor, Centre Manager (& Co-founder)

After founding ACE with her Aunt, Julie Wartenberg, Kim moved out to Luxor to oversee the centre. Today she is the Centre Manager for the ACE Hospital. Her main interest is and always has been animal welfare. Kim spent most of her adolescent life working in stable yards and she went on to work at a small animal veterinary practice. Kim gave up her job and life with her family in England to run the ACE centre in Luxor.

Co-Manager - Ayman Butros

Kim Taylor


From right to left:

Dr Shady Zakaria E.V.M.S 

Dr Assma Abd El Mowgood Aboelfadl E.V.M.S

Dr Hannah Gamal AbdAllah E.V.M.S

Dr David Mechelle Saweris E.V.M.S

Our Vets

Stable Staff

Mahmoud EIbraheem Morsy

Abd-El Naser Abd-ElMaugood

Hassan Ramadan Mohamed

Ahmed Hagag Alraay

Mohamed Abd-El Naeem

Hassan Abd El Naby Abo El Hassan

Yousef Ramadan Mohamed

Radwan Hagag Elraay

Ayman Said Ahmed

Ahmed Said Jad

Ahmed Mohamed Tohamy

Mohamed Ahmed Bastawy

Saied Hassany Ali

Ashraf Amen Abd-Allah

Mohamed Shaaban

Our Stable Staff

Dog Care

George Aziz


Mohamed Mahmoud Al-Okby


Zakia George


Mr Sabry Bakheet


Chairperson – Julie Wartenberg
Treasurer – Tina Coffey
Secretary – Tamara Hodgson
Kim Taylor

Ruth Riseley

Egypt Society Trustees

Ehab Shawky
Mohamed Sallam
Mohamed Mahrouse
Julie Wartenberg
Kim Taylor

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