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We provide free preventative medicine.

As well as providing free veterinary treatment we also help with preventative medicine.


All our in-patients get their teeth rasped (if they need it). We aim to look in the mouths of all the donkeys and horses that come to ACE. Dental problems develop over time and owners often don’t realise there is anything wrong with their animal’s teeth. Just slight changes in the alignment of the teeth can go on to cause difficulties with eating. We encourage all owners to come to us to have their animal’s mouths checked regularly to help prevent any problems.


We have a farrier that visits ACE, normally twice a week, to help shoe animals and trim their hooves. Working animals are always on the go and the importance of having healthy hooves goes without saying! We see a lot of cases where hooves have become over-grown, this causes pain to the animal and also reduces their ability to work. Many will also lose weight. Hoof health is important to the welfare of horses and donkeys.

As the saying goes "No hoof, no horse"

De-worming and other anti-parasitic treatments

All animals risk getting worms. They live in the guts of animals (even humans) and can cause serious problems. If there are huge numbers they can even cause colic in horses and donkeys. Typically an animal suffering from a high number of worms will appear ‘off-colour’ and may lose weight. Regular de-worming helps ensure animals don’t suffer from infestations. Some worms and other kinds of parasites have human health implications as well.

Showering facilities

We encourage owners to come and use our showers. Specially designed for large animals, owners can come and wash down their animals. Dirt and sand can build up in the hair and when horses and donkeys wear tack it increases the rubbing and the risk of wounds. Washing their animals helps reduce the risk of harness wounds.

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