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We have three clinics within our hospital

Our hospital in Luxor sees thousands of animals every year. Many are treated for serious, life threatening conditions, often due to neglect or lack of understanding that animals feel pain.

Our hospital is open seven days a week (Friday is open for emergencies only). We treat all animals but the majority of our patients are working donkey and horses. 

We provide:

  • Free veterinary treatment

  • Stables for horses and donkeys so they can receive treatment and recover

  • Washing facilities for showering animals to remove dirt that can increase rubbing from tack

  • Routine dentistry so animals are able to eat properly

  • Farriery for preventative foot care helping donkeys and horses avoid crippling lameness

  • De-worming for dogs and cats

  • Free spay & neutering of dogs and cats for the local people

  • Emergency care for cattle, sheep and camels

We have three clinics within our hospital:

The walk-in clinic for assessment and minor treatments

Our walk-in clinic is where we first assess the patients. There is no appointment system as many people wouldn’t know how to contact us or be able to beforehand. People sign in at our gate and then wait to be seen by Dr David. Many animals come for routine treatments like worming and dentistry or they may have something much more serious and need surgery. Minor surgery can be done outside in the clinic, such as flushing an abscess but major surgery is conducted in our inpatients clinic. Our team assesses each animal, either treating them as necessary or referring them to the vets working on inpatients, who will work the case up from there.

Our large animal surgery for inpatient treatments and surgery

Animals that are referred from the walk-in clinic are assessed by the vets and appropriate tests and treatments are given, like x-rays. Typically the animal will need to stay in one of our stables. They will stay with us until they recover. We write SOAPs (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) twice a day which helps ensure we are monitoring the animals effectively and they get all their necessary treatments. Animals may stay just for the night or be with us for months. We take care of the animals while they stay with us. Once they are feeling better or are more mobile we allow them time out in our paddocks to help in their recovery.

Small animal clinic with a consulting room, surgery room and basic laboratory equipment

While we predominantly treat working animals, we also see hundreds of cats and dogs every year. Our small animal clinic has a consulting room where we assess and treat patients. We also do routine neutering. We can keep cats and dogs in over night if they need time to recover and be monitored or receive further treatment. Our lab has basic equipment like a microscope, useful for skin samples and blood tests.

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