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For donkeys, horses and also cats & dogs

Our vets provide free veterinary care to the animals of Luxor. We give free treatment to working animals – donkeys and horses. We also treat cats and dogs, as well as giving free emergency care to sheep, goats, cattle and camels. In the area of Luxor there are many working animals and they are often in need of veterinary care being over worked and frequently poorly treated. By providing veterinary care we can help reduce the animal’s suffering but we can also discuss with owners how to ensure problems don’t reoccur and what they should do if they do see problems. Many of the cases we treat could have been prevented and educating owners is almost as important as giving veterinary treatment, to help the animals now and in the future.

The majority of our patients are donkeys and horses. Many of them have been left for some time before their owner has sought our help or they have tried remedies at home which often fail. Our vets give them the treatments they need and ensure they are given adequate pain relief. If the animal is seriously ill or requires a course of treatment we have 25 stables so we can hospitalise animals if they need it. During very busy periods we may have to double up the animals in each stable. The severity of the case can be varying from simply needing rasping of teeth or a wormer to animals with extensive burns to their body or terrible infections that require long intensive care. We never turn an animal away. Owners may bring animals from miles away by foot even when they have leg problems, so it would be impossible for them to travel back and forth from home to us daily.  It is therefore, imperative for us to be able to hospitalise them.

Our facilities include a walk-in clinic where animals can receive treatments immediately or they go through to our hospital surgery where they receive more serious treatment. Our vets perform surgeries such as tendon suturing and skin graphing.

We have five paddocks, with large trees for shade, which allow animals to recuperate outside their stable once they are in recovery. Having the ability to stretch their legs in a safe outdoor space both promotes healing and allows them to express their natural behavior.

We also have a small animal surgery for treating animals like cats and dogs and a small laboratory for examining blood samples and skin scrapings.

What makes ACE so special is the hospitalisation facilities, without such many more animals would die, often slowly and painfully. We work to ensure animals can get all the help they need to make a full recovery back to health.

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