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Egyptian Streets Article – 27th March 2014

‘Egypt’s animals find care in Luxor’ written by Helen Collins, a volunteer for ACE.

To read the article click here

Helen Collins, ACE

CEVA Charity Professional of the Year Award 2013

Kim Taylor, Co-founder of ACE and Centre Manager won Charity Professional of the Year in 2013. Through her determination and vision she has ensured ACE helps tens of thousands of animals every year in Luxor.

The CEVA awards were created to formally recognise veterinary professionals and individuals who work tirelessly to improve animal welfare. Kim co-founded ACE with her aunt Julie Warternburg in 2000.

“In life we often see things that we would like to change, but to get the opportunity to totally change your life around and put your ideas into action is rare” … Kim Taylor (Co-founder and Manager)

Have you ever felt like your heart was going to break?  That sensation when you see something you just can’t imagine possible and have no control over?  That’s exactly what happened when Kim Taylor and her Aunt Julie Wartenberg were on holiday. They saw small underfed donkeys suffering from neglect by the very owners who needed them so badly. Animals being beaten in the street. Horses with raw skin being worked with the very harness that caused the damage.

Since the founding of ACE we have grown into a centre with 25 stables, 3 large paddocks, clinics and a classroom to teach local children – the next generation of animal owners in Luxor. ACE is an ever-growing, great team of professionals and volunteers all working towards the same goal – to relieve and prevent the suffering of the animals in Egypt. We helped over 26,000 animals in 2012.

Kim Taylor, Co-founder of ACE

BBC Inside Out programme -  January 2014

The BBC filmed a programme for Inside Out about the work that Kim Taylor and the team are doing in Luxor.

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