Angel's Story

One morning a truck arrived at our hospital and we were horrified to see four horses on the back, all of which had received terrible burns as the stable they were being kept in caught alight in the early hours of the morning. Unfortunately, three of the horses were beyond our help so our vets had to end their suffering. The sole survivor was a grey mare who had a huge burn on her back and smaller ones on her face.  

Jeanette Elliman from the UK was volunteering with us at the time and she named the poor mare Angel as she has such a sweet personality. She was on the road to recovery until her owner came to ACE and demanded her back.  Unfortunately, as she was his property and despite the advice given by our vets, the owner took her away. 

A few days later we sent one of the stable boys to go and check up on her and we were horrified to discover that Angel had been sold on.

We don’t usually buy horses, but we felt that Angel deserved a better life and would have the perfect temperament to help us in developing our education programme. For that reason, we tracked her down and struck a deal with her new owner.

We are very pleased to say that Angel is now a resident at ACE and she assist’s us in educating the local children and owners.  She is used to demonstrate animal husbandry such as grooming and the children are amazed by the story of her recovery.

Watch our documentary

You can now see all aspects of our work in our video shot in the late summer of 2013. If you have never visited the ACE hospital, this will show you how the team is working every day for the animals – and if you have, you’ll see some familiar sights and faces. Kim spent three days at the end of the summer showing Keith and Mark (the video makers), around Luxor and the hospital, so they could film the everyday sights and sounds of Luxor, its people and animals.  The result is a sometimes sad, but also hopeful and this documentary is a positive film showing how your support is making a real difference to the animals.

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