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Your legacy....their future

The building of the ACE Centre was made possible by a legacy – without it,  many years may have passed before the animals could benefit from the hospital and its facilities.  Further legacies have helped our vets to continue treating and caring for thousands of animals.  Remembering ACE in your will helps to secure a better future for thousands more.

Because ACE is a small charity, legacies make a big difference to the work we can do for animals in need, and any amount will really help. 

About two thirds of UK adults do not have a will.  But it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to do, and is the only way of making sure your wishes will be carried out.  Even if you think you don’t have many assets, it is still worth making a will, so your wishes are clear.  Possible costly disputes can be avoided at what is a difficult time for those left behind. If you have no living relatives, it is likely that everything you own will pass to the Government. If have already made a will, you can include ACE by a codicil (amendment).

Your solicitor will need the following details:
Animal Care in Egypt
Registered Charity no. 1082679
Registered address: 10 Stretham Road, Wicken, Cambridgeshire CB7 5XH

If you would like to consider remembering ACE in your will, you can contact Helen Collins at to request further details.


Working animals are part of Egypt’s ancient civilization.  Since 2000, ACE has made a big difference to their lives. With a gift in your will, we can help animals far into the future, so even those not yet born can have the hope of a better life.

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