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Our Wishlist

We are so grateful for all of our supporters that take the time to fundraise or to collect items for ACE. Unfortunately we do not have room for storage and therefore we request anyone who collects items can either store them until we have a visitor who can take them out there or you take them with you when you come to visit or join our group of supporters on Facebook who will be please to bring them to us in Luxor for you. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1643580882543309/

We at ACE are duty bound to support the local community so we shop locally for as many items as possible but the following items are either not available in Luxor or are too expensive (like Sudocrem which is imported).

We now have a charity shop in Luxor and would appreciate items of clothing for men, women & children to help raise much needed funds, 

URGENT APPEAL – duct (aka duck) tape urgently required.

Old towels or sheets - any size is useful

Vetwrap 10 cm - this is a stretchy bandage that sticks to itself

Dog collars – all sizes

Flea or worm treatments – for cats and dogs. Here is a link to obtain great offers click here

Natural Cotton triangular bandage

Crepe Bandage - any size but the larger 15 cm size is more useful

Elastoplast - as above

Animalintex Poultice


Noseband covers

Head collars – foal and pony size only

Brushing Boots – Second hand is great, pony size only

Cat sticks – (from Lidls for example) are always very welcomed by our resident cats!

Please contact Kim@ace-egypt.org.uk if in doubt.

ginger cat

There are many things that we can buy in Luxor, such as syringes/cotton-wool/ betadine solution and scrub /surgeon gloves/scalpel blades etc ….so if you would prefer to buy locally and donate to ACE ask Kim to take you to the medical supply shop and then you can help with the weeks shopping.  There is also cat and dog food and maintenance tools available to buy locally.

Also If you would like to shop for fabric to make cushions to protect wounds on the backs of donkeys Kim will also be very happy to take you.


We request that if you are fundraising for ACE that the funds are not immediately spent on items. This is not to be difficult but ACE must ensure that money raised in our name is given to the charity. It can then be used to buy items. We do get discounts and therefore we are likely to get much more for our money than might otherwise be possible buying on-line or from you local vets.


Visit Us


If you would like to visit us while you are in Luxor, we would love to see you and show you around the centre. You will get a tour of the hospital, centre and the stables where you can meet and cuddle some of our patients!

Click here to find out our opening times.

Volunteer With Us Today


We welcome volunteers from all walks of life. You don’t need to be a qualified vet or vet nurse to help us at the centre in Luxor. We have general volunteer placements, veterinary student and vet nurse student placements.

Find out more here.

Help raise funds for ACE

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There are so many ways to help raise funds for ACE, you needn’t be a seasoned marathon runner! Fundraising can take on any form from selling cakes to a sponsored dog walk!

Together we can help stop the suffering of thousands of animals in Egypt.