Our History

In life we often see things that we would like to change, but to get the opportunity to totally change your life around and put your ideas into action is rare” … Kim Taylor (Co-founder and Manager)

Have you ever felt like your heart was going to break?  That sensation when you see something you just can’t imagine possible and have no control over?  That’s exactly what happened when Kim Taylor and her Aunt Julie Wartenberg were on holiday. They saw small underfed donkeys suffering from neglect by the very owners who needed them so badly. Animals being beaten in the street. Horses with raw skin being worked with the very harness that caused the damage.

Kim and Julie felt they couldn’t simply leave knowing there were so many animals needing help and so Animal Care in Egypt evolved. Julie used her retirement package from IFAW as a set up cost for the new charity which enabled ACE to rent a small piece of land and build a washing area.  As well as donating a large sum of her own money towards the running costs in the first few years.  Julie worked tirelessly to organise all the paperwork needed to set up a charity in Egypt and the UK, along with relentlessly fundraising to ensure the future of ACE.

 In the beginning

The one thing that stood out in Kim’s mind amongst all the sad sights of Luxor were the saddle sores on the horses’ and donkeys’ backs.  Most saddle sores are caused because dust, dirt and sweat accumulate under the tack. By washing the animals it helps prevent rubbing. So the first facilities set up were washing blocks where people could come and wash their animals.

As ACE progressed it became very clear that there was so much more that could be achieved by providing veterinary care. The number of animals with injuries was high and there simply weren’t any facilities to help them.

So with the help of much fundraising ACE managed to employ local vets but the facilities were still limited. Thanks to the incredible generosity of a legacy Kim and Julie were able to buy a large plot of land and build a Veterinary Hospital which today gives free veterinary care and treatment to  all animals in need, as well as wash facilities, sand pits and preventative treatments such as farriery and dentistry.

We want change now and in the future

Another realisation was the need to change the misunderstandings and ignorance surrounding the care of animals. So while building the new facilities a classroom was included where we now teach up to 800 children a month during term time. They learn that animals feel pain and how to care for their animals. Our local teacher ensures they understand that they should treat animals with the respect they deserve.


ACE is an ever-growing, great team of professionals and volunteers all working towards the same goal – To relieve and prevent the suffering of the animals in Egypt. We helped over 29,000 animals in 2017.

Visit Us


If you would like to visit us while you are in Luxor, we would love to see you and show you around the centre. You will get a tour of the hospital, centre and the stables where you can meet and cuddle some of our patients!

Click here to find out our opening times.

Volunteer With Us Today


We welcome volunteers from all walks of life. You don’t need to be a qualified vet or vet nurse to help us at the centre in Luxor. We have general volunteer placements, veterinary student and vet nurse student placements.

Find out more here.

Help raise funds for ACE

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There are so many ways to help raise funds for ACE, you needn’t be a seasoned marathon runner! Fundraising can take on any form from selling cakes to a sponsored dog walk!

Together we can help stop the suffering of thousands of animals in Egypt.