Our stables and paddocks

IMG_3146 (2) copy3We have 25 stables in total, two large ones designed for mothers and foals. Our stable block allows us to ensure all the animals get the treatments they need and gives them time to rest and recover. Our hospital is unique to the area as it has such a capacity of stabling for all necessary cases. We never turn a sick animal away, if we get really busy we do double up on stables with animals we know are ok to do so.

blossomWe have 5 paddocks that horses and donkeys can go out in during the day. They’re great for our patients who are on the road to recovery and are well enough to be out of their stable. We have large trees which provide shade, crucial in summer!

We also have 3 outside pens for equines that need to be kept in isolation.





IMG_7010Our washing facilities give owners the chance to cool down their hot animals but also clean them. Horses and donkeys often get sores from their tack rubbing, sometimes this is due to the dirt and sand rubbing against the skin under the tack. ACE originally started out with a washing facility but Kim soon realised that while this was great, so many animals required veterinary attention and so ACE went on to become the centre we have today. Owners bring their animals to the showers regularly.

Visit Us


If you would like to visit us while you are in Luxor, we would love to see you and show you around the centre. You will get a tour of the hospital, centre and the stables where you can meet and cuddle some of our patients!

Click here to find out our opening times.

Volunteer With Us Today


We welcome volunteers from all walks of life. You don’t need to be a qualified vet or vet nurse to help us at the centre in Luxor. We have general volunteer placements, veterinary student and vet nurse student placements.

Find out more here.

Help raise funds for ACE

Ashley Heath Country Fair 009 (2)

There are so many ways to help raise funds for ACE, you needn’t be a seasoned marathon runner! Fundraising can take on any form from selling cakes to a sponsored dog walk!

Together we can help stop the suffering of thousands of animals in Egypt.