“When I visited the centre I was overwhelmed by the work that ACE does not just for the animals but for the people of Luxor too.  It’s really clear how essential their presence is. I shudder to think what would happen if ACE wasn’t there. Without the free hospital facilities there’s no way these hard working animals would get a chance of receiving the treatments and care they so desperately need. It’s an amazing place filled with amazing people, doing an amazing job for these lovely animals that are so in need of help.”


Martin will be well known to many ACE supporters for his many television, stage and documentary appearances and his charity work around the globe.  On a visit to ACE with his family in 2011 Martin met with ACE staff and supporters and of course many of ACE’s patients. In fact he became involved in a number of treatments getting the gloves on and helping to care for a severely burned donkey and a horse with some serious injuries from poorly fitting tack. He kindly became our patron that year and Martin plays a vital role in our work.

The Clunes family have a number of their own animals and Martin is a keen horseman, he has recently presented a documentary series on the human relationship with the horse travelling from Mongolia to the USA.

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